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Branding Russia

How do you brand a location and what role can digital media play in that endeavor? These are some of the main topics explored by representatives of The Duffy Agency as they hosted a delegation of city officials, academics and marketers from St. Petersburg, Russia.  

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Gampaigns: How to win the brand engagement game

What do you call an online campaign that is centered around a game or contest? You guessed it: “Gampaign”.  Today we launched our latest game, “Search Party”,  for our fashion client Napapijri. The premise is simple: While shooting their Fall/Winter collection in Iceland, they left 3 bags behind. Create a search party and find the bag using an interactive map and you could win tickets for 4 to Iceland. 

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The Best Use of Visual Content in Social Media

I just saw this great Slideshare called 55 Brands Rocking Social Media with Visual Content and thought I'd share it with you. The deck is from a Hubspot PDF and was posted by Laura Lopes

Kevin Duffy is the Creative Director for The Duffy Agency's Boston office.



The value of a Facebook "Like"

Facebook has turned many brands into a neurotic mess. Like some smothering and needy friend, brands are constantly asking us to show our allegiance to them with a “like.”


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The most important aspect of branding: follow through

If you're a golfer then you understand the importance of follow through. The same principles can be applied to developing brand equity. Today's Brand Rants post looks at defined steps to build brand equity.

The idea for brand managers is to create a brand strategy and tactical communication plans that combine all ten steps of brand equity development into one smooth swing. 

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Does Google really need help with their brand?

The Duffy Agency's Sean Duffy just finished publishing a four-part series on the Google brand, which we at The Duffy Agency believe has not been managed as well as it could be. It's a very quick, but very insightful read.

But I’m not saying that their business model is sinister or that they don’t deserve every dime they have earned. For the most part, I’m OK with that arrangement so long as Google can keep me convinced that it will stay true to it’s founders unofficial yet well-hyped corporate motto “Don’t be evil.” That's brand management. To date, they're not doing such a great job. In fact, they're doing a lousy job. Unchecked, I believe this will be the company’s undoing.

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The Real Value of Facebook for Brands

In Sean Duffy's latest Marketing Moxie column on Talent Zoo, he looks beyond advertising to explore the real value Facebook for brands.

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Are there lessons to be learned from @Sweden?

The @Sweden twitter account has captured the attention of social media folks. People are arguing about whether Sonja is helping or hurting the brand of Sweden, but I think they might be asking the wrong question.

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